About WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting is designed exclusively for websites using the WordPress platform. It can provide you with incredible speed due to the fact that every part of the servers is synchronized to use the preferences for WordPress. Using this hosting will give you another significant advantage – the speed of loading will be much better as well compared to the other hosting retailers. The same is valid for uptime performance. The security issue should not be neglected either. As a customer of WordPress Hosting, you will have at your disposal the support team. The company’s specialists are in charge of the protection of your site as well as keeping its updates executed on time. Just be a little more cautious about the availability for customizing. The latter is limited as some plugins are not allowed and cannot be changed. Signing for WordPress Hosting will set some bounds to use the platform as your main Content Management System. Ultimately the other hosting providers provide you with some freedom to choose your CMS.

What are the Main WordPress Hosting Plans

In general, there are 4 main plans that WordPress Hosting currently offers. Each of them is suitable for a particular target group of customers. This variety is intended to satisfy the requirements and demands of the hosting market:

  •  Plan “Personal” (it is intended for personal use, the price is only 4 EUR per month on long-term and you can benefit from 24/7 support);
  •  Plan “Premium” (it is intended for freelancers, the price is 8 EUR per month on long-term and there is a special focus on editing, designing, and controlling your content);
  • Plan “Business” (it is intended for small businesses, the price is 25 EUR per month on long-term and you can benefit from professional design, Google Analytics, and live support);
  • Plan “eCommerce” (it is intended for online stores, the price is 45 EUR per month on long-term and you can benefit from a special powerful and flexible platform to enhance your online store).

What Distinguishes WordPress Hosting 

As a customer, you would face some difficulties in finding another hosting firm better than WordPress Hosting in treating their customers. The company’s 24/7 support consists of 300 people. These 300 employees are known as “Happiness Engineers”, and in fact, they are as they are constantly engaged with choosing the design that best suits you. The staff is instructed to serve the clients of WordPress Hosting the best possible way. Moreover, the support team is at your disposal 24/7. There will always be someone to help you with your inquiry. We should mention also the fact that Google and WordPress work in perfect symbiosis, so choosing to sign up for WordPress Hosting will secure you some major advantages among the others.

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